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Photo Taken at AHS Class of '63 50-Year Reunion in September, 2013
The Reunion-Planning Baton was officially passed on at the 50th Reunion to classmates who are willing to arrange future events. In response, Diantha stood up and became our first volunteer "Post-50th Reunion event planner". That first event was such a success that since then our classmates have continued with great gusto to continue planning and attending events.

Attendees have expressed appreciation of the effectiveness of these gatherings to provide ongoing opportunities to reestablish and/or build new friendships. Since events are more often than our reunions were, attendees have expressed gratefulness that if they miss one event they can still count on being able to attend the next one.

As these Post 50th-Reunion events continue to be planned by classmates, they are being posted on the Facebook AHS Class of '63 Facebook Group Site. Classmates with a Facebook Account who are interested in being able to easily view the most recent event plans and view photos of past events can join the group at Facebook/groups/Albany CA Class of 1963 Reunion .

Other classmates who are interested in being contacted regarding these events need to be especially careful to keep Reiko (Yamashita) Nabeta up to date with your current contact information, being sure to let her know you are not on Facebook *** and that you would like to receive event notifications***.

Note to All Classmates

Please be mindful to update Reiko (Yamashita) Nabeta with changes regarding Classmate status and contact Information.

Thank you for dropping by.